Our Governing Structure

RAIN is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of nine agency representatives elected from and by the Member Agencies. A Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are elected by and from the Board of Directors. Operation of RAIN is the responsibility of the Executive Director who is appointed by the Board of Directors. Please refer to RAIN Amended and Restated Agreement (O.R.S. 190) for additional information.


Any notice required to be delivered shall be in writing. Such notice shall be sufficient upon being deposited in the regular United States mail postage prepaid, electronic mail (email) with return receipt requested, or personally delivered to the Chairperson or Executive Director.

Use of Data

The Member Agencies  agree that to the extent permitted by O.R.S. Chapter 192 (Public Records Law) or any other applicable law, the information or data obtained from RAIN or any Member shall be considered confidential and not for public disclosure. In the event disclosure is required the requested data shall be provided from the original source agency.